(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to DOTE, Govt. of Tamilnadu)

108, D’ Castor Road, Basin Bridge, Chennai - 600012

Campus Ethos

The management, staff, parents and all the students, all together for the Educative Community of Don Bosco Polytechnic College. Each one, according to his/her specific role and capabilitites, gives his/her best efforts towards the achievements of the objectives of the college. Everyone contributes towards the spirit of mutual understanding, acceptance and support that pervades the campus at all time.

Some of the campus values that we consider very important are:

  • The dignity of the human being
  • Devotion to the duty
  • Esteem for work of any kind
  • Acceptance of everyone irrespective of caste, creed or economic status
  • A concern for the poor & selfless service
  • The spirit of joy, celebration and youthful enthusiasm
  • Respect for nature, cleanliness and order

A sense of being always a part of the institution and an attachment to the values of the institution are the characteristic qualities of DBPC staff, students and alumini alike.

Dress Code

Students should come to college only in the prescribed uniform that management prescribes. Norms regarding the prescribed uniform is fixed only by the management. Any alterations and exceptions in the same are given only by the authorized persons.

The uniform cloth has to be bought only from the college store. If the uniforms are not according to the college norms, students will not be allowed to enter the college.

Boys tuck in their’ shirts and wear a black plain leather belt with ordinary buckles and wear black leather shoes.

Boys wearing cut shirts, pants with low hip, wrist bands, different form of ear rings with different dye on hair and with tatoos on the skin will be sent out of the college immediately.

Girls wear a black coloured shawl and black cut shoes.

Long suspended ear rings, bangles, attractive hair bands, ornamental hair clips, anklets and keeping flowers are not permitted for girls. Students who are unable to come in proper uniform due to valid reasons will have to get prior permission from the authorized persons. The permission slips to obtain exceptions from the authorized persons are available in the college stationary store.