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Christians Parish

Fr. Paul Bazgier SDB was the first parish priest. In 1952 (01-12-1952), our parish got separated from the Choolai, St. Andrews Church. Fr. Jacob Karimbil SDB took charge in 1965. In 1966, a small chapel of St. Antony was built at V.O.C. Nagar. On the 18th March 1967, a site for the new church was chosen and the building work started and the new church was inaugurated on the 19th March 1968. Prior to this all the services were held in a godown converted in to a chapel.

The year 1978 marked the silver jubilee of the parish. In 1981, the parish was divided into three zones. In 1988, the Albina hall was built by Fr. V.F. Kuriakose SDB and in 1991 the Sagaya Madha Primary School was started by Fr. Xavier Rodriguez. The revival of Anbiyams and building up the people towards spiritual maturity through retreats, prayer meetings and catechumen way are the thrust areas of this present era.


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