(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to DOTE, Govt. of Tamilnadu)

108, D’ Castor Road, Basin Bridge, Chennai - 600012


Fr. Don Bosco Lourdusamy SDB – Chairman

Chairman Message

Don Bosco was in the vanguard of progress when it came to the education of the young. My heart felt appreciation to the Don Bosco Polytechnic College, Management, Staff and Students for epitomizing the values and Educative spirit of Don Bosco through web learning initiatives. Keep up to the state of art training and holistic formation of the young.
Fr. Don Bosco Lourdusamy SDB

Fr. Sebastian Vanathian SDB – Secretary

Secretary Message

The modern technological impact of today, is throwing us into a new world of variety information. The cloud computing and online interactive learning are offering tons of opportunities for innovation and development. Here in Don Bosco Polytechnic College, we are not only offering possibilities of exploring the new world of creative learning but are also arranging platforms for collaborative learning with the leading industries that had already impacted the society. Thus, our students are molded holistically with latest state of art standards. May this venture continue to bear fruits in the life of all the students who walk into our campus.
Fr. Sebastian Vanathian SDB

Fr. Sunderdoss Selvamani SDB – Principal

Teach them a trade, so that they can earn a living . – Mgr. Mathias

A job oriented training is precisely what the youngsters need in order to take their place with dignity in society as productive citizens. Care is taken to offer excellent infra-structure, up-to-date lab facilities and quality skill training to all who come into the campus. The training and courses are designed in view of the current needs of the industry and the recent requirements of the job market. Along with skills and technology, the management and staff committed to give the students an all round formation to help them enter the world of work with the motto of Innovate and Inspire. We believe that the values of Don Bosco’s educational system are as good and necessary for the world of work as they are for society in general. We aim at making young persons not only self reliant but also self-restrained and selfless, with a vision of the world and everything in it as God’s gift to be shared and used with respect. Our college is a concrete expression of our commitment to give the best to those who have received least in life, the poor and the marginalized ones.
Fr. Sunderdoss Selvamani SDB