Religious and Moral Formation


The management respects the religious beliefs of all the groups and denominations represented in the college.  However, only catholic religious services will be held at the Institute at which the Catholic students are expected to be present and take an active part.  Regular religious / moral instructions will be held for all the students.  Its purpose is to help the students to reflect on the great questions of life, to understand the meaning of being human, to facilitate one’s ‘inward journey’ and value clarification.  Study and discussion on issues such as human rights, social justice, social harmony, adolescent problems, etc. will also be part of this programme.


All Don Bosco Institutions value physical labour.  To inculcate the real dignity and value of labour, as part of our training, students will be asked in turns to clean shop floors, class rooms, wash basins, drinking water closet, walls and ceilings, etc.  Students should feel proud to participate in the keeping the institute clean and cooperate with the teachers in carrying out all the tasks entrusted to them and should not feel in anyway ashamed to do such work.


Students must be punctual in the Institute on every working day.  Late comers should not enter the class without the written permission from the Principal / Dean of Studies.

No students shall absent himself / herself without obtaining prior permission.  Leave must be obtained by a written application from the parent or guardian.  No absentee returning to Institute should enter the class room without the written permission from the Principal / Dean of Studies.  If the absence on account of illness lasts more than 3 days, the application for leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Refer the DoTE website under e-governance portal, regarding the attendance eligibility for the board exams.

Absence from the institute for 2 days in succession without permission / information will be viewed seriously.

Absence on the opening and closing days of a term or just before or after special holidays like Christmas, Deepavali, Pongal, Easter etc. will be punishable with a fine towards student welfare fund.

In case of sickness the college authorities must be notified on time.  Forging parent’s signature will be viewed seriously.


The Library of the college is equipped with text books, technical journals, books on printing, applied science and general education.  The library is essentially a reference library and not lending library.  Books have to be read in the library only.  Browsing internet is permitted during the library hour with certain restrictions. 


Students are required to take great care in handling the books, periodicals and other resource materials in the library.


The students are strongly encouraged to take part in various campus activities.  Possibilities for developing one’s talents in sports, music, art, etc. are offered in the college.  Organizing as well as taking part in seminars, debates, competitions, etc. on subjects related to subjects are encouraged.

Games and Sports

In Don Bosco’s system of education, sports and games are a important factor, since they promote a sound physical development, relief from the tension of work and help effectively in the formation of character.  Hence, all the students are expected to take an active part in the games and sports conducted by the college.  Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winners.

Industrial Visits

Students are taken occasionally to visit leading industries in and around the city to expose to the subject knowledge.